1. Soil geography
  2. Hydrogeography
  3. Geomorphology
  4. Climatology
  5. Biogeography
  6. Landscape geography and landscape ecology
  7. Geoinformatics
  8. Geography of settlement (settlement ecology)
  9. Geography of population, social geography
  10. Economic geography
  11. Regional and settlement development
  12. Historical geography
  13. Tourism geography
  14. Teaching Geography

VII. HUNGARIAN CONFERENCE ON POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY - "The political geographical issues of the Hungarian EU Presidency"

The European Union as an entity owns especially numerous classical and novel political geographical problems. Some of them are related to interior issues (centre - periphery, core region, the relation of state and citizens etc.), while others refer to the relations and interactions between the EU and the other actors of world politics (borders, access to resources, conflict zones, international migration, neighbourhood policy etc.). The troubles and the problematic geographical regions have been already separately dealt with on several scientific and professional forums; nevertheless we put an emphasis on the European Union itself. We do not intend to examine the political geographical issues of the individual member states, but we focus on the political geographical matters of the European Union as an entity.


  1. Historical heritage, geopolitical determinations
  2. Neighbourhood Policy
  3. Economical problems, world crisis
  4. Integration-disintegration
  5. Culture, identity, language, symbols
  6. Security policy, strategic issues
  7. Energy policy, transportation
  8. Hungary's place in the EU
  9. Southeastern Europe, the Balkans, Western Balkans

X. CENTRAL EUROPEAN HEXAGON CONFERENCE - "Cultural richness - Cultural tourism"


  1. Place marketing
  2. Issues of city structure
(The official languages of the conference are English and German.)

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